Rooting Back To Intention

Sometimes, it’s easy to get caught up in other people’s opinions – to the point where it silences the voice.  That happened to me.  Is that a bad thing – to be quiet for a while and do some Soul searching?  No.  Always listen to your heart and do what you need to do to take care of your Spirit.  Silence will often rejuvenate and strengthen a wearied Soul.

No matter how far we get off course sometimes, we can always look for the original intention or initial desire to serve as a grounding anchor.

My spark-my intention with this site- was to share great ideas, systems, products, and occasional  inspirations/thoughts.  When I say I love/like something – I mean it – and want you to benefit from these discoveries.  Why?  Because it saves you time, energy and money and not everyone has boatloads of any one of those.  And, well, life is short – can’t get back time.

I’m not a guru and am not particularly interested in heading that way either.  I am a person who knows a few things and would like to help make the world a better place, so I hope you will keep an eye on the posts.  There may be something of value that can help you!

Good to have you here.  Please, share YOUR Light in the world,


Creativity and Humour = Solid Branding and Sales

It seems to me that certain companies have made the connection between creative humour and increases in sales. They hire a team that understands how to do it (well) and leave the viewer with a memorable impression of the brand. When it comes to pets, who can’t relate to this funny scene….

Here is one of my favourites, but I must say that, after seeing it a couple of times, I still could not relay the name or purpose of the company standing behind the message. That’s a lot of bucks to entertain without getting the branding down. Granted, I am not American so was not familiar with the company name. I think they are doing a better job of getting their name across now though. Hats off to the actor who manages to convey so much in the few gestures he makes! : )


I think if we can spice up marketing with humour, people will laugh, relax and listen better. How can we use more humour in our messages?

What are your most memorable/indellible commericals? Feel free to post a comment below. : )

Insights on Global Balance – How Much Profit is Enough?

We get up in the morning and get ready for work. Maybe we are throwing on a comfy Nike t-shirt or perhaps a sharp-looking Liz Claiborne blazer. We spent the extra bucks for the brand value but what are we really paying for? In this video, which rocked my socks off, you will see where that t-shirt or blazer was made, the working conditions of the person who made it, and maybe consider all of these issues before handing over hard-earned bucks to the companies that create them.

It’s time to balance things in the world so that others might have a decent quality in life as well. I don’t feel great knowing that the person who sewed my Nike gym jacket had to sew it in 6 minutes (or else…), didn’t get to see their children (because they were working 10-14 hour days — 7 days a week!!!), couldn’t have a bathroom break when they needed it. The list goes on. One history (on Disc 2 of The Corporation) spoke of workers (mostly young women, and children) getting hit in the head with their supervisors shoe when they don’t do as they were expected to. Is that what we want for the people who we “share” this planet with? If you ask me, I want everyone to live well, have lots of opportunities to Love and care for their children, feel good about going to work, and get treated with respect and dignity.

How much profit is enough? Is it really necessary to spend so much on branding and marketing? Here’s an idea….

Why not pay the workers well and market their smiles? Why not show us how we are helping to make their lives better by buying these products?

How about a new mission for Corporations – A global vision for balanced profits?? Without it, without this shift, the system is nothing but a plundering one and world can no longer afford it – economically, spiritually or globally. There is a shift and we are all – best served in voicing our opinions to exact the change.

Check out this riveting video….


Marketing & Human Behaviour

Here is a great video from Terry O’Reilly that should not be missed. It is an excellent testimony to how observant and creative some marketers are when it comes to understanding what does or doesn’t sell. Making products that are too easy or pain free can mean people just won’t buy them because they (we) are used to a specific pattern/paradigm. Take a few minutes to drink in these insights that Terry shares – they’re brilliant.

Welcome 2011

Well, it’s a new year and a time to evaluate what the rest of the year will look like. If setting a career goal is on the list, have a look at Jack’s video – he has a lot of good wisdom to share. I go through a lot of recipe cards for many areas but particularly notes, reminders, cues and sometimes…. even recipes! Try using them freely when learning something new or changing a habit….very helpful and inexpensive. More later but, for now, here’s Jack….

Recipe for Rejection


Life is not always easy. We envision something that calls to our dreams, hopes and heart. We go for it – give it our all. Dig in deep and keep going until there’s little left. Determination. We do bold things we have not done before, sometimes, often times, going solely on intuition – in spite of confusing, mystifying, perplexing situations. We grow in ways not always easy to see, but we grow – maybe enough to take a chance and express ourselves. Finally.
If the door slams shut when that happens, then the lesson is a poignant one. A disappointing one. But, an important one. The lesson of Rejection.

Get used to it, because in business (on and off line), there will be plenty of it. Great big bowls of it. What does one do with it?

Well, crumbling in failure is an option. Taste it once, for a minute. It doesn’t taste so great and we will soon figure out that what is in the heart is there for a reason. Often, passionately there.

Get up, and choooooose where to step next. Let that rejection fuel us into a newer, better place.

So, when there is rejection, whip up a “Keep Moving Forward” pie. Here’s my recipe:

1 c fortitude
1 c faith
1 c clarity
1 c Love and passion
1 c respect
1/2 c vision
1/2 c boldness
1/2 c forgiveness
1/2 c acceptance
1/4 c fun
sprinkle of sharing

Assemble and combine all ingredients. Shape into small columns (pillars) to hold up your dreams. Make sure to check on them often, particularly during quiet times of reflection. : )

So, there you have it. Keep moving forward, even when it’s foggy and you don’t see the way. You will. Business is slow – find ways to ramp it up. Ask for help. Don’t give up. Keep moving ahead.

Have a great week!

The Age of Persuasion

I’ve discovered a radio show that is entirely centred around marketing – and boy oh boy! it is interesting. It’s called “The Age of Persuasion” and is a CBC production. I cannot turn it off when I (accidentally) tune in!! I’m making a point of going through the shows, one by one, to glean any insights I can about this rather fascinating field. I’ve often caught inside marketing stories about some of the huge players in the industry and marvelled at their strategies (or lack thereof). Of course, it’s always easy to listen to someone else’s experiences and chuckle at the errors ( just not our own!! ) ; ) Hopefully, some of the wisdom shared on these podcasts might very well improve aspects of your online journey. So, here’s to an interesting expedition! Let me know if there is anything that rocks your socks off in the comment box below.


Wishing you great success, as always!

With Gratitude,
Nancy 🙂

Why home-based businesses have an ADVANTAGE

I’ve had the opportunity to learn a great deal from Eben Pagan’s current set of free videos. Many viewers have remarked on how much excellent content they contain and that Eben could have charged a pretty sum to share it. Instead, he taught a lot of us a new way to approach a home-based business. I would be doing a great diservice to anyone interested in their own business if I did not mention this work.

Please, Go watch this free video!! It explains why most people completely fail in business (HINT: It’s because they’re trying to make money when it’s IMPOSSIBLE).

This valuable video also explains where the biggest opportunity of our lifetimes is. Watch it here:

YES, Eben-I’m taking Action!!

As you can see, it’s really going to be scary for most people in the future – especially if they’re trying to
make income using “traditional” methods. But there IS good news: Home businesses tend to do MUCH better than you’d think.

That video explains it all. Check it out…

And, here’s to watching this amazing shift in the world!

Feel free to leave a comment with any thoughts or questions you might have.


30 Days to Re-boot Your Hard Drive (the one inside your cranium!)

“You may encounter many defeats, but you must not be defeated. In fact, it may be necessary to encounter the defeats, so you can know who you are, what you can rise from, how you can still come out of it. ” ~ Maya Angelou

We all go through “stuff” in our lives – moments where it would be nice to be inhabiting another planet. I have had a few of those and they aren’t much fun but I do assert that they serve a deeply relevant and important purpose in life. What is that, you might be thinking? What good could going through a ringer do? Well, the process tests; it makes us dig deep very deeply for the strength we did not think we had left. Come on – weren’t there lots of times in your life when you just felt like walking away? I think what we are doing when we get to those points is forming the necessary elements to evolve into the next phase of our lives. The other thing is that we are actually working through false beliefs about ourselves and our capabilities. The more we walk through these mindfields, the clearer they get, and the more room peace has to grow inside, outside, and globally.

I have sought out many materials to help uncover new ways of thinking about events, about life. I have, in the process, discovered many things I did not realize about myself. Often, as women, we are socialized to focus on caring for everyone else that we forget ourselves in the process and, when there is a huge life change, it becomes apparent how much garbage we have assimilated and how far we are living from our heart/Soul/purpose. Once we give ourselves permission to go find out – wow! A new sense of strength starts to emerge. And also gratitude – to those who role-modelled even deeper levels of persistence and faith – often just at the moment where we were ready to give up on something important – our dreams.

I have to say that I have been incredibly fortunate to have been exposed to certain teachers along this internet journey that I am on. I could make a list but I’d rather just talk about them when the time is right. Right now, I will speak about Mark Joyner, who is one very gifted fellow. Two of his gifts fall in the realms of discipline and art. His solid knack for self-discipline was channeled into the creation of the Simpleology training program, which helps people organize their time to get far more out a typical day and, thus, create a much fuller life. With the art aspect, I believe it is an amazing art to deliver so much content in such a fun and deeply thoughtful way. This is such good material that I encourage people to go check it out whenever I have the chance to.

Mark, has a new Simpleology program (Simpleology 203) that will be closing for registration today – it does start tonight afterall! Sure, it can be taken later but the bonus will be lost – live training with Mark himself. Of course, I did mention the course in my last post, but I want to encourage you to take it now because I KNOW it will be great. All of his material is. And if you want to get a glimpse at the vision Mark has in mind – where he’s “coming from”… here – it’s bold, amazing, full of heart and will brighten so many lives.

If you can swing it, invest in yourself. CLICK HERE and create a new life. You are awesome, you know.

With a full heart and the brightest wish for your Joy,


Simpleology 203 & Socrates – a Formula for Success…

Something **GREAT** is happening today!!…

Simpleology is releasing its latest installment in its “Core Training” series:

Simpleology 203: The Simple Science of Invincibility

Since every Simpleology core training (from 101 to 201) has been sort of a paradigm-shifting revolution, the release of this new course is a newsworthy event in its own right, but I have a feeling this one is going to be something really profoundly huge.

If you’re one of the thousands of people who saw the very, very neat, time-compressed video of Mark Joyner’s drive across the country, you’ll know why I say this.

Anyway, I give you my strong personal recommendation to jump on this immediately.

You might be thinking… oh, there’s probably a marketing gimmick … well, they are also giving out a bonus free-training to people who sign up quickly -BUT- you should pay attention to this one.


Because it means you’ll get a chance to interact with Mark Joyner himself, directly on the phone. When you take into consideration that almost every famous Internet guru can trace their “breakthrough” back to a phone call with MJ … Well, I’d personally be kicking myself if I lost the opportunity to let Mark loose on my brain.

Go do this! (goodness, what if this was the last time ever anyone had this opportunity?)
Click Here!!

Now, if Socrates was alive and kicking, he’d probably be chatting with Mark on the phone! : ) Of course this famous philosopher is long gone but something has been created that bears his name and would make another very nice part of your own personal formula for success. If you want to get moving on your internet biz and need the perfect template to house your great work, then please read on!

Socrates once said:

Employ your time in improving yourself by other men’s writings, so that you shall gain easily what others have labored hard for.

This quote is so relevant to both the Simpleology projects as well as Joel’s new theme. Creation is the culmination of all errors and successes. Here we have available to us, the filtered work of two creative and inspiring business leaders so it is rather cool to have access to these projects.

Now, Joel Comm created this new template “Socrates”. Why? Well, there was a big need for this theme. This is created for marketers – people serving on-line, offering helpful products, and earning an income through various channels of promoting. Here are some highlights that you would be hard pressed to find elsewhere…

* Built in Header Generator
* 160+ Niche Header Designs (NOW OVER 200)
* Custom Navigation Bars
* Optional Built In Adsense and Clickbank Ad Bar
* Social Media Slider
* Choose from Dozens of Backgrounds On The Fly
* Custom Styling and Color Options
* Affiliate Program Integration
* Custom HTML Rotator
* Multiple Sidebar Layouts
* Internet Marketing and WordPress Training
* Monetize With Any Affiliate Program or Network
* And More. Click here for online view!

How cool is that?!!

There are tons of videos that go along with it so it looks like it will be easy to set up. If you want to check it out, you’ll be saving yourself a lot of time, energy and money. I did not purchase this theme yet, but will when I can. If you can swing it, go now – it looks marvelllous!! Click Here!

Okay guys – I want you to write if there is anything you need or have a question about. Just leave a comment in the box below.

Thanks for stopping in and have a great day!