Which Group Do You Want To Be Part Of?


Click here to watch a short but very powerful video.  http://www.values.com/inspirational-stories-tv-spots/72-Locker

There are those who fall into one of these scenarios depicted in the video.  Are you the new guy who is having a hard time adjusting, the bullies who enjoy shaming someone, or the nice guy who has a heart and is bold enough and genuinely wants to reach out?  Our language is powerful. 

In my opinion, the term “loser” belongs in the bullying realm.  Would you call your child a loser?  How about a sullen guy sitting on a bench who looks a little disheveled?  What a bum – what a loser!  Only you don’t realize that that guy just got news that he is terminal and has 3 months to live – and he is so messed up because he can’t figure out how to tell his kids. Or, maybe he is a veteran who fought for his country, was saturated in combat gore and can’t cope well now with the PTSD that arose.  Or maybe it’s a woman who was steeped in abuse most of her life and never found her way back home – to herself.  I could give you a thousand possibilities and there would still be more, so how is it that the idea/judgement a lot of people have IS the right one anyway?  And, in the end, who are we to judge?  We are here to learn about Love.

When harsh words are spoken, it is like punching someone right in the face.  If loser is not a harsh word, imagine telling your 8-year-old that every day for a year.  I know what would happen.

If success and privilege create black and white thinking – somebodies and nobodies – then, how can that be defined as success?  Check the copy for languaging and consider what is being promoted (or “liked”) in social media – are you supporting a world of demeaning, disempowering verbal punches that our kids will inherit, or one of compassion and understanding?  I want my kids to live in a world where they are treated well. Because, you know….

There but for the grace of God, the Universve, Buddha,

Allah, Krishna, your shoe, (whatever), go I.

And you.


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Nerdy Keyboard Resource To Prevent Le Hair Loss

Do NOT try this at home!

Hi Peeps!

If you have a keyboard that will shift between English and another language with a toggle switch (hitting a couple of keys at the same time), you have probably run into some frustrations and problems.  I know I have.

Because Canada is a bilingual country, many of the computers sold here offer an English/French keyboard as a feature.  In some parts of the country, it’s a French/English keyboard!  ; )   This isn’t a big draw for me because I rarely type in French, so I would not flock over to get one, however, my keyboard still has French shortcuts (combining a couple of keys to toggle this on and off).  I am not going to say how many times I have done this inadvertently and how time consuming it’s been to turn it off.  Doing a search on HP’s site (home turf for my particular laptop) resulted in a huge file of zilch!  : S   I could find nothing on which shortcuts I was accidentally hitting to bring up the other lingo.

Today, this happened again and, upon searching, I found this gem.  I hope it will save you gobs of hair that might be extracted in exacerbation if you accidentally toggle the other language on!  : )   You can turn it off completely!  Yay!  Check out this site for further details.  Et voila – et, revoir!  : )


Wishing you a satisfyingly productive week!
Nancy  🙂

Some Great Advice On Running A Business

Barring omnisicence, and access to a plethora of brilliant business folks that you can hang out with in your town, we need to look for ways to keep growing, adapting our mindset, and having access to how others have found the business success we would also like to experience. 

Today’s post is a series of videos from Derek Sivers who created and ran CDBaby, a much-loved online cd distribution store.  A few years ago, I actually bought a cd from CDBaby and was so delighted with the message they sent that I replied with glowing feedback.  I enjoyed the unique, uplifting and funny approach they took and also appreciated the marketing lesson that came with it.  It’s quite interesting to hear how CDBaby came into fruition and grew exponentially.

So, without further ado, take a few minutes and check out the video and the ones that follow.   There’s a lot of (humble) wisdom to benefit from.  : )

Have a great day!
Nancy  🙂

ps:  after you’ve watched what you want, come back and check out the remarkable thing that Derek did with his company!