Chips of Ingenuity – And, You’ve Got It Too!

Everywhere around us lies the evidence of astounding feats of ingenuity.  Do you see it – I mean really see it – and appreciate what it took to get it in a useable state?  I am so often awed by the mechanics that we have created in the world.  Living near my city’s airport, I often stop to watch the huge planes fly overhead and usually end up with a dropped jaw and a flurry of goosebumps because they are close to landing and flying pretty low.

Everything is in evolution to a higher state; as we evolve, particularly our awareness that we need to lighten our leadened imprint on this world, our machinery follows too.

I saw this short video and wondered as I watched it – who thought of this?!!  … It’s one thing to have a concept/idea in one’s mind – it is a totally different matter to make the damn thing work!  : )   It’s pretty neat to see all the components involved in making something we take for granted.  People had to assmeble all the belts, bolts, screws and pipes together, hoping it would work and, after much time and effort, it did!  Then came the kinks and knots to work out.  And that was done.   It’s a good metaphor for seeing the end result of something – someone thought of a way to make something better, came up with a plan, built it, refined it and, if they’re really plugged in, always gives room for it to evolve.  We all have our own pool of ingenuity – just need to trust it and keep taking small steps in the direction of that vision.

When you grab a bag of chips at the store, think about the miracle (someone’s mind!) that brought it to you.  Enjoy!   (oh, and pass the dip, will ya?)


Pretty cool eh?   : )

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