Creativity and Humour = Solid Branding and Sales

It seems to me that certain companies have made the connection between creative humour and increases in sales. They hire a team that understands how to do it (well) and leave the viewer with a memorable impression of the brand. When it comes to pets, who can’t relate to this funny scene….

Here is one of my favourites, but I must say that, after seeing it a couple of times, I still could not relay the name or purpose of the company standing behind the message. That’s a lot of bucks to entertain without getting the branding down. Granted, I am not American so was not familiar with the company name. I think they are doing a better job of getting their name across now though. Hats off to the actor who manages to convey so much in the few gestures he makes! : )


I think if we can spice up marketing with humour, people will laugh, relax and listen better. How can we use more humour in our messages?

What are your most memorable/indellible commericals? Feel free to post a comment below. : )

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