Insights on Global Balance – How Much Profit is Enough?

We get up in the morning and get ready for work. Maybe we are throwing on a comfy Nike t-shirt or perhaps a sharp-looking Liz Claiborne blazer. We spent the extra bucks for the brand value but what are we really paying for? In this video, which rocked my socks off, you will see where that t-shirt or blazer was made, the working conditions of the person who made it, and maybe consider all of these issues before handing over hard-earned bucks to the companies that create them.

It’s time to balance things in the world so that others might have a decent quality in life as well. I don’t feel great knowing that the person who sewed my Nike gym jacket had to sew it in 6 minutes (or else…), didn’t get to see their children (because they were working 10-14 hour days — 7 days a week!!!), couldn’t have a bathroom break when they needed it. The list goes on. One history (on Disc 2 of The Corporation) spoke of workers (mostly young women, and children) getting hit in the head with their supervisors shoe when they don’t do as they were expected to. Is that what we want for the people who we “share” this planet with? If you ask me, I want everyone to live well, have lots of opportunities to Love and care for their children, feel good about going to work, and get treated with respect and dignity.

How much profit is enough? Is it really necessary to spend so much on branding and marketing? Here’s an idea….

Why not pay the workers well and market their smiles? Why not show us how we are helping to make their lives better by buying these products?

How about a new mission for Corporations – A global vision for balanced profits?? Without it, without this shift, the system is nothing but a plundering one and world can no longer afford it – economically, spiritually or globally. There is a shift and we are all – best served in voicing our opinions to exact the change.

Check out this riveting video….


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