Nerdy Keyboard Resource To Prevent Le Hair Loss

Do NOT try this at home!

Hi Peeps!

If you have a keyboard that will shift between English and another language with a toggle switch (hitting a couple of keys at the same time), you have probably run into some frustrations and problems.  I know I have.

Because Canada is a bilingual country, many of the computers sold here offer an English/French keyboard as a feature.  In some parts of the country, it’s a French/English keyboard!  ; )   This isn’t a big draw for me because I rarely type in French, so I would not flock over to get one, however, my keyboard still has French shortcuts (combining a couple of keys to toggle this on and off).  I am not going to say how many times I have done this inadvertently and how time consuming it’s been to turn it off.  Doing a search on HP’s site (home turf for my particular laptop) resulted in a huge file of zilch!  : S   I could find nothing on which shortcuts I was accidentally hitting to bring up the other lingo.

Today, this happened again and, upon searching, I found this gem.  I hope it will save you gobs of hair that might be extracted in exacerbation if you accidentally toggle the other language on!  : )   You can turn it off completely!  Yay!  Check out this site for further details.  Et voila – et, revoir!  : )

Wishing you a satisfyingly productive week!
Nancy  🙂

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