Why home-based businesses have an ADVANTAGE

I’ve had the opportunity to learn a great deal from Eben Pagan’s current set of free videos. Many viewers have remarked on how much excellent content they contain and that Eben could have charged a pretty sum to share it. Instead, he taught a lot of us a new way to approach a home-based business. I would be doing a great diservice to anyone interested in their own business if I did not mention this work.

Please, Go watch this free video!! It explains why most people completely fail in business (HINT: It’s because they’re trying to make money when it’s IMPOSSIBLE).

This valuable video also explains where the biggest opportunity of our lifetimes is. Watch it here:

YES, Eben-I’m taking Action!!

As you can see, it’s really going to be scary for most people in the future – especially if they’re trying to
make income using “traditional” methods. But there IS good news: Home businesses tend to do MUCH better than you’d think.

That video explains it all. Check it out…


And, here’s to watching this amazing shift in the world!

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30 Days to Re-boot Your Hard Drive (the one inside your cranium!)

“You may encounter many defeats, but you must not be defeated. In fact, it may be necessary to encounter the defeats, so you can know who you are, what you can rise from, how you can still come out of it. ” ~ Maya Angelou

We all go through “stuff” in our lives – moments where it would be nice to be inhabiting another planet. I have had a few of those and they aren’t much fun but I do assert that they serve a deeply relevant and important purpose in life. What is that, you might be thinking? What good could going through a ringer do? Well, the process tests; it makes us dig deep very deeply for the strength we did not think we had left. Come on – weren’t there lots of times in your life when you just felt like walking away? I think what we are doing when we get to those points is forming the necessary elements to evolve into the next phase of our lives. The other thing is that we are actually working through false beliefs about ourselves and our capabilities. The more we walk through these mindfields, the clearer they get, and the more room peace has to grow inside, outside, and globally.

I have sought out many materials to help uncover new ways of thinking about events, about life. I have, in the process, discovered many things I did not realize about myself. Often, as women, we are socialized to focus on caring for everyone else that we forget ourselves in the process and, when there is a huge life change, it becomes apparent how much garbage we have assimilated and how far we are living from our heart/Soul/purpose. Once we give ourselves permission to go find out – wow! A new sense of strength starts to emerge. And also gratitude – to those who role-modelled even deeper levels of persistence and faith – often just at the moment where we were ready to give up on something important – our dreams.

I have to say that I have been incredibly fortunate to have been exposed to certain teachers along this internet journey that I am on. I could make a list but I’d rather just talk about them when the time is right. Right now, I will speak about Mark Joyner, who is one very gifted fellow. Two of his gifts fall in the realms of discipline and art. His solid knack for self-discipline was channeled into the creation of the Simpleology training program, which helps people organize their time to get far more out a typical day and, thus, create a much fuller life. With the art aspect, I believe it is an amazing art to deliver so much content in such a fun and deeply thoughtful way. This is such good material that I encourage people to go check it out whenever I have the chance to.

Mark, has a new Simpleology program (Simpleology 203) that will be closing for registration today – it does start tonight afterall! Sure, it can be taken later but the bonus will be lost – live training with Mark himself. Of course, I did mention the course in my last post, but I want to encourage you to take it now because I KNOW it will be great. All of his material is. And if you want to get a glimpse at the vision Mark has in mind – where he’s “coming from”…..click here – it’s bold, amazing, full of heart and will brighten so many lives.

If you can swing it, invest in yourself. CLICK HERE and create a new life. You are awesome, you know.

With a full heart and the brightest wish for your Joy,


Simpleology 203 & Socrates – a Formula for Success…

Something **GREAT** is happening today!!…

Simpleology is releasing its latest installment in its “Core Training” series:

Simpleology 203: The Simple Science of Invincibility

Since every Simpleology core training (from 101 to 201) has been sort of a paradigm-shifting revolution, the release of this new course is a newsworthy event in its own right, but I have a feeling this one is going to be something really profoundly huge.

If you’re one of the thousands of people who saw the very, very neat, time-compressed video of Mark Joyner’s drive across the country, you’ll know why I say this.

Anyway, I give you my strong personal recommendation to jump on this immediately.

You might be thinking… oh, there’s probably a marketing gimmick … well, they are also giving out a bonus free-training to people who sign up quickly -BUT- you should pay attention to this one.


Because it means you’ll get a chance to interact with Mark Joyner himself, directly on the phone. When you take into consideration that almost every famous Internet guru can trace their “breakthrough” back to a phone call with MJ … Well, I’d personally be kicking myself if I lost the opportunity to let Mark loose on my brain.

Go do this! (goodness, what if this was the last time ever anyone had this opportunity?)
Click Here!!

Now, if Socrates was alive and kicking, he’d probably be chatting with Mark on the phone! : ) Of course this famous philosopher is long gone but something has been created that bears his name and would make another very nice part of your own personal formula for success. If you want to get moving on your internet biz and need the perfect template to house your great work, then please read on!

Socrates once said:

Employ your time in improving yourself by other men’s writings, so that you shall gain easily what others have labored hard for.

This quote is so relevant to both the Simpleology projects as well as Joel’s new theme. Creation is the culmination of all errors and successes. Here we have available to us, the filtered work of two creative and inspiring business leaders so it is rather cool to have access to these projects.

Now, Joel Comm created this new template “Socrates”. Why? Well, there was a big need for this theme. This is created for marketers – people serving on-line, offering helpful products, and earning an income through various channels of promoting. Here are some highlights that you would be hard pressed to find elsewhere…

* Built in Header Generator
* 160+ Niche Header Designs (NOW OVER 200)
* Custom Navigation Bars
* Optional Built In Adsense and Clickbank Ad Bar
* Social Media Slider
* Choose from Dozens of Backgrounds On The Fly
* Custom Styling and Color Options
* Affiliate Program Integration
* Custom HTML Rotator
* Multiple Sidebar Layouts
* Internet Marketing and WordPress Training
* Monetize With Any Affiliate Program or Network
* And More. Click here for online view!

How cool is that?!!

There are tons of videos that go along with it so it looks like it will be easy to set up. If you want to check it out, you’ll be saving yourself a lot of time, energy and money. I did not purchase this theme yet, but will when I can. If you can swing it, go now – it looks marvelllous!! Click Here!

Okay guys – I want you to write if there is anything you need or have a question about. Just leave a comment in the box below.

Thanks for stopping in and have a great day!

The dentist or a public speech? Hmmm….

I often think it would be easier to get a molar, heck all my molars, pulled out -without novacaine- than it would be to give a speech in front of a large group. I shared this thought with a friend of mine over coffee recently and she said it doesn’t bother her in the slightest. Wow! Why is it that some of us (most of us) would rather get a tooth extracted, toe amputated, or give up our 3rd born to avoid having to make a public presentation? ; ) Perhaps it boils down to the fear of failure, of being judged, or of actually taking our last breath of life before perishing behind the podium. Wherever the origin lies, it seems that public speaking is just like any other activity that we get good at – you start, you keep doing it and you get better! You don’t allow the fear to control you.

I have watched a few dvd’s on public speaking and haven’t been that impressed with what I invested my time in. That is until I watched the “Learn Public Speaking” dvd by Standard Deviants. It was so crammed with great tips that I am going to go back, watch it again, and take notes. Sometimes crammed sounds like overload and it can be, but the way they have crammed the tips in makes it fun to watch (and learn). If you struggle at all with speaking publicly, or even in small groups, I know you will benefit from watching their unique way of teaching. Like no other, you will be chuckling along (and learning). They know the not-so-common secret; a little humour during teaching goes a long, long way. This dvd is a keeper – one that can be referenced to improve each new speaking experience. Highly recommended – two thumbs up – check it out! Click here!

*~Take Action~*

Well, here we are at the crucial part and I can tell you that it is not always the easiest part. That is my experience, and stats will show, much the same for a good many others as well. You have to stay in it for the long haul. Much like the labour in childbirth, your creation takes stretching and time to be born. Keep your eyes on the prize!

I prayed for twenty years but received no answer until I prayed with my legs.
Frederick Douglass

What makes us not take action? Well, there are a zillion reasons – let’s look at a few common ones.

FEAR – also known as…. False Evidence Appearing Real. Most fears are illusions and they will suck your spirit dry if you let them. Can you see the fear swirling around here?……

Comparing & Discounting – No, I’m not talking about a shopping trip to K-mart here. I’m talking about learning something from a master teacher and creating something that is nowhere near the caliber of their work…. then not getting it out there because it is discounted in your mind as not good enough. It is good enough because it helps you to take the next step. Even Michaelangelo didn’t start out as the great Michaelangelo!

Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little.
Edmund Burke

Fog – it’s hard to see through the fog, isn’t it? Have you ever driven in thick fog? No fun. The remedy for fog is usually the sun – (light). When there is little clarity/foginess, it is pretty tough to see where you’re going unless things are made clearer by illuminating the way. It doesn’t have to be the entire road either. Jack Canfield once used an excellent analogy. He mentioned that when we take a trip, we cannot see all the way to the destination. Rather, we see far enough ahead to where our headlights shine and that is good enough. Taking a step, even though the path is not completely clear, is better than taking no step at all. We are also given one day at a time to live – how would it feel to live our entire lifetime all at once? No thanks! —-> Baby steps.

To avoid criticism, do nothing, say nothing, be nothing.
Elbert Hubbard

Still Not Entitled? – We are herding creatures and don’t like to stray too far from the pack. We may also have received messages as children to conform with certain views or stay quiet. Children are seen but not heard (herd). This mindless approach is an assault on their identity/beingness, and is very devastating. It can be difficult to re-train oneself, to let go of the old programming but, in the long run, it is imperative and critical to life. We all have a voice – it is infinitely unique and needed in the world – so just say what you need to say. There will always be some negative feedback – that’s okay, keep going anyway.

* Work serves a purpose and when we come to see that the work, your work, is needed in the world, it becomes clear that the good you want to put out there can make a difference – even to one person.

I believe we are given a dream, a vision, for a purpose…. our purpose. Sometimes, it is a matter of timing, sometimes fear, but better to have spent that energy doing something toward it than to have spent it anxiously wondering what it would have been like to…………..
What fears have you stumbled over, but overcame? What fears are blocking you now?.

I am only one,
But still I am one.
I cannot do everything,
But still I can do something;
And because I cannot do everything
I will not refuse to do the something that I can do.
Edward Everett Hale


~*Be Persistent*~

Jane Addams, Nobel Peace Prize recipient and social activist, once said:

“Nothing could be worse than the fear that one had given up too soon, and left one unexpended effort that might have saved the world.”

We might not feel that we are doing things that are “saving the world” but don’t underestimate the value of your voice and the reason you are, like me, pulled to this particular arena of communication. The internet is changing the world and, as far as I am concerned, in a predominantly positive way. Learning to navigate through the technology and the mind dimension has not always been easy and there have been so many times when I have wanted to say – I’ve had it! Something, however, pokes at me to not give up – that I was drawn here for a good reason.

As time unfolds, so do I unfold, and I want to remind you that you will too. My post today is to encourage you, as I have been so wonderfully encouraged, to search for ways to speak your Truth, to be persistent in your vision and know that your work to help others reach higher levels in their lives is an incredibly important task. Your contribution might be in offering others services or products to make their journey easier and that translates to better balance – a perpetual need, worldwide.

The other element that needs mention is patience. The wisdom through it all is in being aware – moving through the places we need to transcend to grow, but also holding a sense of patience throughout it. A faith that we are on the right path, the persistence to keep going through the places we need to visit and the patience to do it gently.

Thomas Edison said “Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.” If only Thomas Edison could see how much his faith and persistence has changed the world. He lit up our world and you can too, in that very special way you are called to.

We can also change the world, right now, by joining the global, connected efforts to help the survivors of the Haitian earthquate. So many have lost the very elements of their lives that keep us all going – their family members and friends. With their infrastructure obliterated, it will be a huge job to keep those who survived healthy and nourished. Let us extend our hand and help in whatever way we can. If you are able to donate funds to aid this effort, please click here to send aid. Thank You! We are all in this together. DONATE HERE

*~Have Faith~*

Have Faith. Have faith in all that you do. If you are starting out in this on-line realm, faith is needed here too, maybe even more. It starts with faith in yourself – that no matter what comes along in life, you will handle it and even more – that you will succeed. Knowing that, let your mind form images of the success – our minds our the most amazing, vivid vision boards available! Create well!

What does success look like to you? Is it having the freedom to do what you want to do in life, the ability to travel with ease, a wonderful relationship, vibrant health, volunteering in your world community, or things you’ve always wanted to have? It is your list, your board – that’s the beautiful part – it can be whatever you want it to be. One thing to keep in mind, though, is that the human race is only beginning to understand how powerful our minds are, so use your amazing mind to build a positive, good vision of what you want in your life. If you focus on the negative, that is what will come up….but, even if that happens, it is a teaching experience (as all life events are) and it will show you the fears you are holding. There is nothing wrong with finding this out – you can address them and attain great heights if not encumbered by these old scripts. I know this from experience – we all have fears to work on.

So, if your mind starts playing a worrisome script, send the actors home and say “cancel” to yourself. Start on the movie that you really do want to manifest!

If you would like a tool to create a vision board that totally comes alive, you can check out Mind Movies. This is a unique system and incredibly supportive for your goals. When you combine the faith that you will be successful with two more components, you’ve got some booster rockets for your mission! Stay tuned for what those two things are.

Click here to find out more about —-> Mind Movies.

Tool Time!

Sometimes, we take things for granted in life. I appreciate the nudges and reminders I get to stay on track with the small stuff. If you don’t appreciate the small stuff, how will you appreciate anything else and besides, the small stuff is what life is made of and it’s not so small afterall!

I am so used to knowing about www.openoffice.org that I forget that others might not know of it. If you need a suite of office tools that is free, go check out this amazing package of tools that parallel Microsoft Office. They do accept donations for the software, so if you can swing it, it all helps. www.openoffice.org

Go forth and create! ūüôā


Seeing Thoughts…

What a thought-provoking talk Tony Robbins shared at TED. Life is filled with experiences to interpret and they have to be interpreted¬†through our own completely unique lenses.¬† All of our experiences, and the beliefs we extrapolated from them, are really what we are seeing through. What did we believe about ourselves, or others in our lives, when we experienced whatever we went through? What if much of where we’re operating from is based on a few false beliefs? How would life be different if these beliefs were changed?

The law of attraction is going to kick in with these lenses as well.  Our Souls are powerful and will attract to us the people who are going to help us learn what we came here to learn; to help us see differently and decide to release the lenses that are distorted, not true and no longer serving us.

Perhaps there have been some bumps along the way and there has been conflict
with others but that is where some very juicy lessons reside. It’s up to us to look into these areas that cause ripples in our emotional landscape and make the changes that we need. I can attest that this is not easy work but all else fades in importance.
Start now with Inscribe Your Life, which is specifically designed to re-write your lifestory! The best investment is always the one we make to be/feel our best. As Tony alluded to in his video, we really don’t know what can be next around the corner.

¬†Now, on a different note, after a quarter of a century of living here, I have decided to move. Moving is a big chore but also liberating in so many ways because it forces me to free myself of things that I really don’t need anymore. Clearing creates more space for something new and better to come in. Think about what “stuff” you’ve been holding on to and if the price you pay (peace of mind) is worth keeping it. Much of the things we don’t actually use can be given to people who would be very grateful and delighted to have it. Pay the energy forward.

As far as business goes, I have been busy¬†learning coding for css (cascading style sheets).¬†¬† This stretches my mind because it’s like learning a new¬†language –¬†Japanese!¬†¬†I like to have an idea of how all the different elements work to bring this on-line world to life and it’s pretty intriguing.

I have an observation about a strategy I see a lot of marketers using and I’ve wanted to write about it for a while.¬† Mostly, this strategy is used in video presentations, but it has also been used over the phone, and it puzzles the heck out of me! I really don’t get it!!¬† For some reason,¬†price disclosure of¬†products (usually a course) is turning out to¬†be a five-minute-long process!¬† For example, this is a typical scenario¬†…

“We could charge $4,997. for the course but we are not charging that. We could charge $3,997, but we are not charging that either. We could charge $2497 but hey, we’re not going to do that. We could even charge $1,997 but we decided to charge…are you ready? pause. We are going to charge $997, but, if you act today, we are going to charge …. $497!”

I’m not sure how this strategy came to be so popular but it makes me want to click off the presentation immediately!¬† Ideally, as well, it would be good to see all video players equipped with a pause button, scroll bar (to fwd/rev), and show the length of presentation. Adjusting these things would be much more respectful of peoples’ time. Feel free to share any insights.[superemotions file=”icon_smile.gif” title=”Smile”]¬†

Have a good week and thanks for joining me!


Thoughts on life, learning, growth and business….

I would like to make something perfectly clear before I continue on with my sharing.¬† I am here to post any insights or tips that I have¬†around marketing and, sometimes, life.¬† I am not a guru – don’t pretend to be one – didn’t play one on Grey’s Anatomy, or anywhere else!¬† I feel rather compelled to share and pay¬†it forward so that it may help others get to where they want to go¬†a little faster and a little easier.

I ‘ve¬†made my share of mistakes and some of them were big ones, but it is our inherent right as¬†human beings to learn and¬†to make the choice to move ahead from¬†our life¬†lessons.¬† If you are stuck in your life, then remember this one phrase…

I chooooose to create something different.

I am transcending my own challenges on several levels (financial, self-esteem, and letting go of some past traumas).¬† But, through it all, there is so much beauty in the small steps forward, and each one of us has our own rate of progression (often depending upon how much¬†“stuff” we’ve been exposed to and how we responded).¬† First place to start:¬† mindset!

If you think you can or you think can’t, you’re right.¬† ~ Henry Ford

I have been very fortunate to have friends who have supported me – many of whom I have not even met yet! -I carry them all in my heart and warmly scribe them upon my Gratitude list.¬† When I doubted –¬†they reminded me that I could.¬† When I fell, they said – get up!¬† When I said I’m so overwhelmed – they said sit in silence.¬† If your friends are not doing this, not supporting your efforts to realize your dreams, then be mindful of this and seek out people who will and who you can also give your¬†support to as well.

I’m finding that there does indeed¬†come a point of critical mass – where the upload of learning turns into the download of¬†sharing,¬†clearing the necessary¬†room for learning on a newer level –¬†and this keeps going indefinitely….an evolutionary spiral of self-actualization, I think.¬† What do you want out of this journey?¬† Write it down!

I chooooose to create……. (make a list – write down what you want to create)¬† Thats a good place to start.

So, on we go.¬† A thought/tip (or two) regarding internet work….

One of the hazards of an entrepreneur’s journey is something that Rich Schefren made very clear in a talk he gave a few years ago.¬† I was fortunate enough to view a portion of this presentation¬†from a video he shared.¬† Rich¬†showed¬†a slide that had so many boxes on it that the crowd gasped.¬† In each box was a typical duty that an entrepreneur had to handle.¬† There were so many duties/hats involved (about a hundred if I recall!)¬† Whoa!¬†¬†I realized why I felt so overwhelmed! (thanks Rich)

So, instead of handing all these jobs,¬†“the word” in¬†business is to¬†outsource.¬† What is outsourcing?¬† Outsourcing is where an associate is hired in an¬†“underprivileged” country because their wages are considerably less than ours here.¬† Many people have good success with this strategy, however, sometimes that is not possible -or-¬†part of the workload is subcontracted but the prelimary work is done by you, the owner.¬† If you are the prelimary type, I have an excellent resource for you!¬† If you need to pick a colour pallette for your website or some other project, as I had to recently, check out:¬† www.kuler.adobe.com¬† This is a fantastic little set up.

The other thing I wanted to share was the training opportunities coming up.¬† There are several that I will mention but only one for today.¬† If you are looking for¬†business coaching,¬†Mark Joyner¬†is going to be¬†launching one¬†in the next few days.¬† Judging by the quality of the work already done, I would say that this is going to be big, very good, and you will get a lot out of it (if you follow the material, of course).¬† You can check it out and get access to a plethora of excellent business/life¬†resources and also access to¬†the free cashmap that you can download.¬†¬†Great site and the proceeds from it¬†go toward¬†an amazing philanthropic project¬†which will create¬†greater abundance for the economically challenged, in different areas of the world.¬†¬†Great stuff…. http://snipurl.com/nmtu8¬†

Never doubt that a small group of committed people can change the world. It is the only thing that ever has.  ~Margaret Mead

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Thanks, with Blessings!  : )