Well, it’s about time!

I am so excited to start my first post and delighted that you are here reading it! Welcome!
I created this blog to share what I have learned on my several-year journey to create my own home-based business on-line! It was not easy and required a good deal of perseverance – I wasted money on stuff I didn’t need or didn’t use, got overwhelmed with information overload and almost gave up – but I knew in my marrow that I was drawn here for a reason and I wasn’t giving up! I also had the support of some amazing souls, to which I send infinite gratitude and Love! We each have the power to create a life that is far beyond what we can only imagine – we receive the inspiration for a reason! …. imagination is the seed for tomorrow’s reality!
So, if you want to create a different life by starting an on-line biz, then keep reading! I am here to offer you any tips, recommends, content and anything else that I feel will help you reach your dreams. Feel free to let me know how best I can help you.
The present-day global paradigm is shifting and business will be done differently in the future. We have to start listening to the “change” nudges we get. If going to a “job” is getting you down, I understand – that’s just your nudge from the Universe to follow your heart! You can find your place here on-line. There’s room for each of us because we are all unique with our own unique understanding, expression and message. Go for it because you are the one standing in front of the easle, painting your life. Make it amazing!

Behold the turtle: He only makes progress when he sticks his neck out.
~James Bryant Conant
How true!
Thanks, With Blessings!

: )