Recipe for Rejection


Life is not always easy. We envision something that calls to our dreams, hopes and heart. We go for it – give it our all. Dig in deep and keep going until there’s little left. Determination. We do bold things we have not done before, sometimes, often times, going solely on intuition – in spite of confusing, mystifying, perplexing situations. We grow in ways not always easy to see, but we grow – maybe enough to take a chance and express ourselves. Finally.
If the door slams shut when that happens, then the lesson is a poignant one. A disappointing one. But, an important one. The lesson of Rejection.

Get used to it, because in business (on and off line), there will be plenty of it. Great big bowls of it. What does one do with it?

Well, crumbling in failure is an option. Taste it once, for a minute. It doesn’t taste so great and we will soon figure out that what is in the heart is there for a reason. Often, passionately there.

Get up, and choooooose where to step next. Let that rejection fuel us into a newer, better place.

So, when there is rejection, whip up a “Keep Moving Forward” pie. Here’s my recipe:

1 c fortitude
1 c faith
1 c clarity
1 c Love and passion
1 c respect
1/2 c vision
1/2 c boldness
1/2 c forgiveness
1/2 c acceptance
1/4 c fun
sprinkle of sharing

Assemble and combine all ingredients. Shape into small columns (pillars) to hold up your dreams. Make sure to check on them often, particularly during quiet times of reflection. : )

So, there you have it. Keep moving forward, even when it’s foggy and you don’t see the way. You will. Business is slow – find ways to ramp it up. Ask for help. Don’t give up. Keep moving ahead.

Have a great week!

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