Renewing The Journey-This Wild Journey

Just about anyone who’s ever started a new journey, particularly starting their own business, can tell you that they’ve walked into it with some kind of picture of what a businessman or businesswoman looks like.  They are supposed to do this or that, if they want success…. but, never ‘x’ or ‘y.’  (OMG! not x or y!!)  LOL! 

So, they do the (ahem) ‘businessperson’ for a while until it it becomes clear that it’s just not working.  Not only does it not work but often leads to burn out, financial constriction, confusion and walking the paper thin edge of giving up the entire vision. That just doesn’t seem right – the dream, all the energy… vapourized. 

Ah, but when all the “supposed-to-be’s” and “do-it-like thats” are lifted, we are left with the simplicity of just serving from our hearts – just as we are…. making mistakes and learning from them… forging ahead and growing.  I *loved* this talk by Allen Lim!  It touched the place in my heart that he’s been to himself – of finding one’s identity in a big and bold venture.  I think it’s a great message for a new perspective and a new year.  It’s a great message for me right now and I hope it serves you too.

Special sidenote:  This post is warmly dedicated to the colleagues around me who “got this” a long time ago and have shared so much with me.  Sending you Love and appreciation.  Thank You, from the bottom of my heart.  I Love You!  ( Do people say I Love You in a business post?   Ha!  You bet they do! )

Now, to Allen’s wonderful story!  Enjoy!   : )

With much warmth, appreciation and encouragement!


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