Simply Sinatra ~ The SSO and Steve Lippia: 100% Fun And Amazing!

Simply Sinatra!  Steve Lippia and the Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra.

Simply Sinatra! Steve Lippia and the Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra.

Last Saturday evening, I had the distinct and immense pleasure of attending Simply Sinatra, Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra’s final Conexus series concert, featuring Steve Lippia.  For newcomers and seasoned Sinatra pros, this was an amazing concert at a fabulous venue, T.C.U. Place. While Sinatra and his big band days were before my time, I can wholeheartedly say that this is timeless music for those who appreciate great lyrics, amazing arrangements and a richness of vocal and instrumental delivery that is seldom seen today.

Steve was gifted with a inclination to sing from an early age, and has nurtured his talent into a strong, gorgeous, resonant voice that sounds so much like Frank’s that, if I closed my eyes, I’d swear Frank was standing before me, talking or singing. I couldn’t help but have tremendous respect and appreciation for the thousands of hours he obviously put in to becoming so good. Like a book, we are taking in the condensed experience of someone’s life ~ what they have focused on, honed and developed, and this invested time came blazingly through in his performance.

Another of Steve’s gifts was the warm way in which he connected with the audience through the interesting and funny stories that he shared. The lose-your-blues, ascending notes of Come Fly With Me will now conjure up a memorable chuckle over prom tuxes and ten thousand dollars worth of make-up whenever I hear it! There is a gift in being able to connect in such a way that hundreds or thousands of people feel a kinship with you and Steve has a genuine warmth that wraps around the audience, doing just that.

If you happened to be a hopeless romantic, as is the case for the author of this page, it would have been hard not to melt into a puddle, as the first few sweet notes of In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning waved into the audience. I could feel my heart softening and filling with the magic of the music, the longing in the velvety lyrics and the magic – that is Love. All The Way into this enchanted place, taken on a lovely journey. Beautiful!

There’s a recipe for an unforgettable show and that is: (1) the front man and (2) the music that backs him up. It was apparent – the many, many hours of practice that would have went into mastering the music for this show and my hat is off to the S.S.O. for the toe-tinglingly superb job they did. Frank covered different types of music but big band was a big part and wham!, the orchestra had that down. There were times when it felt like Buddy Rich was blazing on the drums and it gave me goosebumps! Saskatoon is incredibly fortunate to have this group of talented musicians coming together to knock our socks off! And, they did! Bravo, S.S.O.!!

It is these joyful moments that propel us forward; that re-fuel us for work, family, and all the commitments that fill up our days. Instilling joyful moments inoculates us from stress, mediocre health and that hamster wheel feeling that sometimes pops up in life. I say – take a break and nourish your Soul, with the universally joyful balm of music! 

If you’d like to know more, the Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra does offer a very nice deal on early bird subscriptions (by June 7, 2013, that’s up to 34% off for regular subscribers. If you are a first-time subscriber, it’s a whopping 50% off!!).

If you’d like to treat yourself, or gift someone with joy, just click here! for S.S.O. subscription information.  (will open in a new window tab)  

You can connect with Steve Lippia at his website –Click here to be transported!
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The totally amazing Steve Lippia and yours truly.  So nice to meet him!.
The totally amazing Steve Lippia and yours truly. So nice to meet him!.







Here’s to balance, joy, Love and life!

Stay Amazing!!


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