What Our Zippers Have To Do With Goal Success

Great goals are the guard rails that guide the journey to our dreams.

I love TED talks.  Why?  Well, because it’s like brainstorming with brilliant minds.  Okay, I know, there’s only a one-way conversation going on but they still inform the ideas I have shaping up in my mind, in a really energetic and deep way.

So many of the talks spark something in my heart, imagination or gut.  This talk by Derek Sivers resonated in my gut – I knew that what he had discovered and shared was often true for me as well.  It seems that every time I share my goals, they start softening and deflating…. so, I’m going to do a little experiment.  I’m going to use the information I’ve gleaned here to approach my goals in a different way – with a more solid foundation.    Check out the short video to find out what zippers have to do with successful goals.

I know the holidays are here/almost here and there’s tons to do; just make sure you remember to have fun and relax.  Please don’t drink and drive.  What’s $20 for a cab when it means you (or someone else) gets to live or stay out of a wheel chair.

With Great Gratitude,


Some Great Advice On Running A Business

Barring omnisicence, and access to a plethora of brilliant business folks that you can hang out with in your town, we need to look for ways to keep growing, adapting our mindset, and having access to how others have found the business success we would also like to experience. 

Today’s post is a series of videos from Derek Sivers who created and ran CDBaby, a much-loved online cd distribution store.  A few years ago, I actually bought a cd from CDBaby and was so delighted with the message they sent that I replied with glowing feedback.  I enjoyed the unique, uplifting and funny approach they took and also appreciated the marketing lesson that came with it.  It’s quite interesting to hear how CDBaby came into fruition and grew exponentially.

So, without further ado, take a few minutes and check out the video and the ones that follow.   There’s a lot of (humble) wisdom to benefit from.  : )

Have a great day!
Nancy  🙂

ps:  after you’ve watched what you want, come back and check out the remarkable thing that Derek did with his company!