The Work You Can’t *not* Do…

I caught this TED talk recently and wanted to share it with you.  So much of life is our perspective and the choices we make… listening to Scott’s talk reminds us to consider the areas he touches on more deeply.  One small shift is often all it takes to let life blossom into what we imagine for our lives.

What difference does it make when we have a broader perspective on who we are, what our dreams are and what we uniquely bring to this life?  Should we give up on your dreams?  What does our environment have to do with success?  And, what is it that always seems to come forth no matter what?    Explore these thoughts with Scott Dinsmore and feel inspired!

Here’s to living from our hearts, fully.

Always with the best,

Is Happiness Really Conditional?

I’ll be happy when…..  It seems that this entire mindset is really about the inability to accept things as they are.  If we could stop striving to get more (empty, unfulfilling) “stuff” – often at the expense of our own health, and the health of the planet – how would that change our personal and global world?  

Watch this great talk and I hope it lights up some aha’s for you too!

Have a great day,