The Age of Persuasion

I’ve discovered a radio show that is entirely centred around marketing – and boy oh boy! it is interesting. It’s called “The Age of Persuasion” and is a CBC production. I cannot turn it off when I (accidentally) tune in!! I’m making a point of going through the shows, one by one, to glean any insights I can about this rather fascinating field. I’ve often caught inside marketing stories about some of the huge players in the industry and marvelled at their strategies (or lack thereof). Of course, it’s always easy to listen to someone else’s experiences and chuckle at the errors ( just not our own!! ) ; ) Hopefully, some of the wisdom shared on these podcasts might very well improve aspects of your online journey. So, here’s to an interesting expedition! Let me know if there is anything that rocks your socks off in the comment box below.


Wishing you great success, as always!

With Gratitude,
Nancy 🙂

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